Sell your ecommerce business in 14 days, no matter how small you are.

Erdos buys and grows your business so that you can move on to your next big thing, while continuing to earn a share of profits as your company grows with us.

Get an offer in hand within two weeks.

We know how long and painful due diligence is, so with Erdos, you’ll get an offer within 2 weeks, and cash in your hand within 5 weeks.

Selling to Private Equity

  • Cash out, if you’re doing 2M+ ARR
  • 3-12 month process
  • Founders beholden to milestones

Raising (more) VC

  • No cash out, just money to grow
  • 4-8 month process
  • Founders locked in for 5+ years

Selling to Erdos

  • Choose a mix of cash / profit share
  • 2 weeks to offer
  • Founders are done after sale.

We’re looking for

Ecommerce businesses with at least $50k yearly profit over few SKUs

The lower your profit, the more we need it to be over few SKUs.

You'll get

An offer in two weeks for 3-5x your profit, available in a mix of cash & profit share

We’ll email you within two weeks even when we can’t make an offer.

The Erdos process

Determine price

We generate a price based on your current metrics

Check operations

Then we make sure our operators can run it well.

Make offer

In two weeks, we’ll make an offer equal to 3–5x profit.


Don’t like the offer? We’re still here to make one next time.